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Welcome to OBD Diagnostics

Offering vehicle diagnostic services for all makes and models in the heart of Lowestoft

Nowadays, all cars and vans are equipped with a computer that manages all the hidden processes that occur when you drive

Sometimes, this computer will notice a small problem and switch on a warning light on your dashboard - We're here to tell you what these lights really mean

Here at OBD Diagnostics we have the latest in vehicle diagnostics equipment allowing us to connect to and translate for your car or van.

By connecting our diagnostics terminals to your vehicle we read the codes produced by your vehicle's on board computer when it identifies an issue with the running of your vehicle.

By checking the reason for the warning light on your dashboard promptly, you may save yourself considerable amount of time and money

In some cases, your vehicle's on board computer will pick up an issue, such as low oil levels, that can be quickly,easily and cheaply remedied. If the warning light is ignored and you don't regularly check your vehicle's fluid levels this relatively minor issue suddenly becomes a massively expensive problem that could even see your vehicle written off!


If your vehicle is flashing it's warning lights at you, don't delay - get it checked by OBD Diagnostics and make sure it is OK!