Air Conditioning Re-Gassing - R134A & R1234YF - at OBD Diagnostics, Lowestoft

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Re-Gas your Air Conditioning System in Lowestoft, Suffolk

OBD Diagnostics offer the new R1234YF Air Conditioning Re-Gas - the nearest independent garage to do this is in Norwich. If your car or van was produced in or after 2011, call us on 01502 585340 to book your Air Con Re-Gas.

Air Conditioning system controls inside a car or van

Air Conditioning Gas Types Available at OBD Diagnostics, Lowestoft

The R1234YF Air Con gas has been shown to be 99% safer for the environment, so if you live in Great Yarmouth, Diss, Southwold or the surrounding area bring your van or car in to OBD Diagnostics for your R1234YF Air Con Re-Gas.

OBD Diagnostics also have the equipment to perform the R134A Air Conditioning Re-Gas for vehicles produced before 2011. All cars or vans should have their air con re-gassed every couple of years as through usage and gas leakage your air con will run low on gas and not work as efficiently as it should.

Air Conditioning Is Not Just For Summer

No matter the time of year, it is always beneficial to have your Air Con working properly. In the Summer Air Con is, for a lot of people, vital to keep your van or car cool while driving. What a lot of people don't realise is as the weather gets colder your Air Conditioning can be just as useful - not only for warming the car up, but for helping to de-mist and clear your windows so that it is safe to drive.

Call OBD Diagnostics on 01502 585340 or send us a message using our Contact Form to check which Air Con Service you require and the make your booking.