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Your Brakes are the most important safety aspect of your vehicle and making sure that they are in the best possible condition is vital. At OBD Diagnostics our highly trained technicians can inspect your brakes and recommend the best course of action. Using parts from the best manufacturers such as Pagid, Brembo and Apec you can rest assured that we will brakes are as good as they can be.

Steering & Suspension

To keep you on the straight and narrow OBD Diagnostics can check and repair your suspension and steering components.

Everyday wear and tear can cause damage to the steering and suspension of your vehicle, particularly if you happen to hit a large pothole or the kerb. If you think there maybe something amiss with your steering or you can feel vibrations through the steering wheel as you drive then let OBD diagnostics sort it out.


The Cambelt is a Vital component of your engine and at OBD Diagnostics we have many years experience in replacing them with the best quality ones from Gates on many makes and model of vehicle.

It is vital that a Cambelt is changed before it breaks as this can cause catastrophic damage to an engine.

When should I change my Cambelt?

There is no fixed rule for this and each vehicle manufacturer recommends different intervals. These range from 4 - 6 Years or 40,000 - 100,000 Miles, a huge difference, so you should refer to your vehicle handbook for this. If you are unsure contact us at OBD Diagnostics and we can advise you.

Other Services

At OBD Diagnostics we can perform a variety of repairs for your vehicle as well as those listed above, so whether it is a broken headlamp a damaged wing mirror or something more serious at OBD Diagnostics our highly trained and experienced technicians can fix this problem for you.

For any info about any of these services please contact OBD Diagnostics on 01502 585340 or complete our contact form.