Tyre Pressure Monitoring Services from OBD Diagnostics in Lowestoft

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Tyre Pressure Monitoring from OBD Diagnostics

OBD Diagnostics, Lowestoft, offers Tyre Pressure Monitoring Services to Great Yarmouth, Norwich, Diss and Southwold.

All passenger vehicles produced in the European Union since November 2014 have a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) installed. TPMS monitors air pressure inside pneumatic tyres. TPMS is designed to help flag poor fuel economy and increaased tyre wear by informing drivers when an issue is sensed. TPMS usually indicates these warnings via a gauge or pictographic display on the dashboard, although sometimes this is cut down to a simple "Low Pressure" warning light.

TPMS uses sensors installed in the wheels to measure the air pressure in the tyre or to monitor the individual wheels rotational speeds. If this data shows an issue with the pressure of the tyre it will cause the signal to appear on the dashboard. OBD Diagnostics have the requisite Tyre Pressure Monitoring equipment to read the codes returned by the on board TPMS. This means that we will be able to provide you with the available options to adjust your tyres and make you and your car or van safer on the road again. We can replace valves if they have become seized due to corrosion.

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